Privacy Policy
  We, the members of Best Home Equity Loans & Rates, recognize the sensitive nature of your personal financial information. We want to protect your privacy at all times. We want you to understand what information we collect about you and how we use this information. Accordingly, we have prepared this document which explains the American Home Equity privacy policy regarding Best Home Equity Loans & Rates accounts.
  This policy is applicable to loans and lines of credit originated by, American Home Equity including Best Home Equity Loans & Rates loans. This policy applies to all consumers who are customers or former customers.
  We will not disclose your private information, as described above, to any organization, affiliated or nonaffiliated, unless this disclosure:
is necessary to effect, administer, or enforce a transaction, service, or inquiry you have initiated. For example, we occasionally enter into agreements with companies whose expertise is necessary to provide the service or product you have requested. They include specialized firms for check printing, to execute security transactions as well as provide data processing services.
is necessary to perform marketing services on our behalf, so that we may better understand your financial needs and determine how we can help you meet those needs;
Is sent to a licensed Real Estate professional;
is necessary to facilitate or consummate our business transactions with third parties,
  In these limited cases where information is shared with other companies that perform services on our behalf or for joint marketing purposes, the information provided is limited to the information they need to perform their function. These companies are also required to maintain the security and confidentiality of the information provided and use it only to perform the specified service on our behalf.
  As we stated in our pledge to you, we do not share information with outside companies for the purpose of selling their products and services, unless it is at your request. Since we do not share information with third parties, beyond what we have disclosed above, it follows that we do not offer you an opportunity to opt out of this sharing.
  We take steps to safeguard customer information. We maintain safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your customer information against unauthorized access. We also take appropriate corrective action when needed to enforce employee compliance with our procedures with respect to the privacy of client information.

As previously mentioned, if we work with other companies who employ licensed real estate professionals and also provide services on our behalf or in the case of jointly offered products, we will maintain contracts with our partners which will require them to comply with our Privacy Policy and to keep this information secure and confidential.